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September 2015

Good luck charms and angels

Back in March, we lost a very important member of our family - my Gran. She was a loving, warm, caring, funny person and she is sorely missed by us all.

Deryl and I decided we wanted to mark my Gran's passing when we're at base camp - it's the closest we can possibly get to her and we wanted to leave a memento in her memory and honour. My gran was a determined woman, and I'm hoping to draw from some of that fighting spirit when the times get tough out there - which they will.

It's tough to decide what to bring up there and how to honour such a wonderful person. After a bit of discussion, we settled on bringing up an angel pin. I intend to pin it to my day pack in the hopes that it will give me all the strength I need and it will be a good luck charm - lord knows some good luck would be most welcome after a recent spate of bad luck! Once we reach base camp, I'm going to leave that angel up there and hopefully it can bring luck to others.

The pin I've chose is specific to my granny and I think she'd be pleased that we've decided to do this.

20150407_115614.jpg 20150407_115716.jpg

So - who else brings a good luck charm with them when they need a little extra encouragement?

Is anyone doing the same trek as us and intends to leave a memento on Everest?

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We are going!!!!

So, it's been over 4 months since a massive earthquake devastated Nepal and Everest Base Camp. We've spent that time getting a new puppy (who is as big a challenge as Everest we think!) and trying to get travel insurance. This HAS NOT been easy given that the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office continues to advise against all but essential travel to specific regions in Nepal, one of which is base camp. Our current insurers, Debenhams, have been terrible. They didn't refund our trip at all, not the flights nor the trek due to it being an act of god. They also won't insure us with the current FCO guidance in place.

To be fair to them on the last point, 99% of UK insurers won't insure us and we've searched and searched for a company that will. We've come across two - The British Mountaineering Council and True Travellers - both of which will cover us with the current FCO guidance. The BMC offers a more comprehensive, albeit, more expensive insurance but that's the one we'll probably go for.

To be honest, we've been so convinced we won't get to go, that we haven't quite gotten our heads around it at all. Getting insurance has all come as a bit of a shock and we now have to start mentally preparing for the gruelling task ahead!

Anyhow, as I mentioned before, at least our packing list is done and we have everything bought so at least that but is done. I know the experience in Nepal will be different than it was to be in April. I know the devastation caused and the lasting effects it has had on its peoples. But I also know that we must visit Nepal, tourism must continue and if the country is to have any chance of rebuilding, we must keep our money in their economy. So....we're going!

Anyone else out there going to trek Everest Base Camp in 2015???

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