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Day 9

Today we embark on our trek to Lobouche at 4900mtrs! After our well needed rest day, Deryl and I have woken up refreshed but my legs feel like jelly. I think I'm just still tired and weary but I am once again looking forward to seeing all the new sights and sounds the mountain has to offer. Once again the weather is glorious! We have had nothing but sunshine and clear skies. It's still v cold tho!

The morning's trek goes ok and we stop off at a little place for lunch halfway through the day. I had some noodle soup and we met lots of our fellow trekkers and have a chat and get each other motivated for the afternoon's climb. During this morning, the terrain changed noticeably - it's much more rocky and we begin to see little rivers flowing by - the ice off the mountains flowing down to the valley below. We must cross these little rivers a number of times and the bridges are most certainly not safe!! They are made up of metal poles strapped together or bits of wood. You kinda just have to close your eyes and go for it!! There are meadows, glaciers and farmlands.


The afternoon's trek proves to be a beast! It took us a long time to trek today and the terrain is just uphill - we tackle a few never ending hills and I struggle more than Deryl with the constant grind. But I'm still loving it! Haha, who else loves torture!! Today we are walking along the side of the giant mountains of the Himalayas and it's bloody amazing. They are all huge and imposing. Our guide Mohan points them out to us and tells us about those who have summited.

All the while, we're avoiding the yaks. As we trek, we came across many memorials and stupas dedicated to fallen sherpas and climbers - the mountains here are no joke and can take your life in a flash. This is something that we learned the hard way today......we hear someone carving a new name into the stone and our guide tells us someone must have died today. Unfortunately, he was right and we had to walk right past the body only moments later - on of the porters had died.

This is a very sad moment during our trek and a hard reminder that mountain life is very very hard for those who live here. It certainly made the rest of the trek very quiet as we all reflected on what has happened.

None the less, we must keep moving and trekking towards Lobouche and after a long, hard and emotional day, we finally make it!


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Day 8

So today is another acclimatisation day and we will not be fooled again!! Haha, we prepare ourselves for another hard and fast trek up and then down again to prepare our bodies for the increasing altitude to come.

Although we technically only climbed 400mtrs, it's hard going. I can definitely feel my breathing is a little laboured, but it's nothing to worry or concern me. While we're trekking, we came across lots of prayer flags and little stone formations. I asked my guide what the stones meant and he explained that they helped those who were lost - if they saw these stones, they knew that there were people nearby and they wouldn't be lost for much longer.


The terrain is very dusty and rocky and in some parts - particularly coming down - it feels very unstable . I cant tell you how many times I slipped and almost fell - just be so careful on the downwards trek!

It's a short days trek and we come back to Dingbouche and explore the village. We wander around a few of the coffee shops and finally park ourselves in one and treat ourselves to a hot chocolate and some WiFi! Deryl and I headed back to the tea house and have another lovely dinner of pizza and play cards with the gang again! We invited some of the other trekkers to join in and we have a great time - everyone is so friendly and good fun.


After a while we both feel the need for bed. It is definitely taking its toll on our weary bodies and we are dog-tired. We really needed this rest day and even though we still trekked, the down time has been really welcome!

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Day 7

We wake from our slumber and meet the gang at 7.30am once again for a lovely breakfast. For some reason, Deryl and I are feeling really weak today. Yesterday was a long and hard day and we both would love a rest day. But, there is no resting for us! We just need to refuel our bodies and get our minds back in the game!! Today we climb from 3800mtrs to 4400mtrs and arrive in Dingbouche. WE WILL NOT QUIT!!!!


Today felt like a bit of a grind but we just focussed on putting one foot in front of the other! There is no other way! The scenery at this point is mountains (obv) and lots of trees and shrubbery. The terrain is dusty and rocky but the whole place is totally stunning. I keep trying to remember to lift my head and admire and appreciate where I am as it's all too easy to keep your head down and just trek. Today I kept on my long sleeve top as you can really feel the temperature drop.


When we arrive at our teahouse they have a rather unique way of boiling the water haha


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Day 6

Today is another tough but rewarding day - we leave the comforts of Namche Bazaar and trek to Tengbouche at 3800mtrs. We first descend 200mtrs so it makes the climb a little harder. It's soooo worth it though, the views and scenery are awesome and the sun is shining the whole time we are trekking. So much so that we both got a little sunburned, as did a few other trekkers we met along the way. That's something about this trip that I just loved - meeting so many people from all over the world, all working towards the same goal, all encouraging each other and having a laugh along the way!

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Throughout today we meet lots of local children who ask us for balloons! We didn't think to bring balloons, but we did bring the next best thing - sweets!! We hand out chewy sweeties to as many kids as we can. They are so sweet!


It's another long day trekking, but both Deryl and I feel strong and able. The downhills are challenging for us as it hurts the feet a little, but otherwise this is a good days trekking. You can certainly feel the temperature dropping as you arrive in Tengbouche.

We also have the most amazing view from our bedroom window......


When we get to our hotel, Deryl and I have a gorgeous flask of hot chocolate - it was like nectar. We then head over to a Buddhist temple where we are privileged enough to witness the monks meditating. It's really something else and a total departure from our normal lives. This is why travelling is so amazing - you get to see and do things outside your everyday life!

When we get back to the hotel - we gather the gang together and play a few card games, have some lovely noodle soup for dinner and retire to bed. I'm really wanting a vodka and lemonade right about now but my guide Mohan, advises me against it due to the alititude - party pooper! The communal room is so toasty and warm thanks to the yak poo burning in the stoves - it's hard to leave and go to our cold little rooms!

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Day 5

After the long day we got through yesterday, we were feeling very excited about our rest day today. The purpose of this day is not the gain any altitude overall, but instead, we climb a little higher and then come back down again to help our bodies adjust to the increasing altitude. We are due to climb 400 mtrs today and then come back to Namche.

We, stupidly, think today will be a breeze, a walk in the park, so to speak. When we remember this now, we laugh, oh how we laugh. TODAY IS NOT EASY! The climb is steep, short, but steep. But I will tell you something, it is totally worth it, because today you get to see the beast that is Everest, for the very first time. The views on today's climb are amazing and everything you could hope for.


We climb to the Everest hotel, take some super photos and head back down to Namche where we treat ourselves to chocolate cake, cinnamon rolls, lattes and WIFI in the Namche bakery. I mean there are no words required, only pictures.


You get WIFI in just about every village, but you must pay and the connection is intermittent to say the least. It's totally worth the money though as we sent photos back to our loved ones on a massive group chat we created on Whatsapp before we left. It was lovely to hear from everyone and their thoughts and prayers really kept us going - love to the fam!!

We have a lovely shower, and dinner later on in the evening. I had some tomato soup with a cheese toastie, Deryl had chow mein, we share some chilli chips and POPCORN!!! Who knew there would be popcorn on Everest.

Later in the evening, we play cards and drink some beer with our new friends - Ozzie Brad is our main card player at this point! Go Brad!!

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