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Good luck charms and angels

Back in March, we lost a very important member of our family - my Gran. She was a loving, warm, caring, funny person and she is sorely missed by us all.

Deryl and I decided we wanted to mark my Gran's passing when we're at base camp - it's the closest we can possibly get to her and we wanted to leave a memento in her memory and honour. My gran was a determined woman, and I'm hoping to draw from some of that fighting spirit when the times get tough out there - which they will.

It's tough to decide what to bring up there and how to honour such a wonderful person. After a bit of discussion, we settled on bringing up an angel pin. I intend to pin it to my day pack in the hopes that it will give me all the strength I need and it will be a good luck charm - lord knows some good luck would be most welcome after a recent spate of bad luck! Once we reach base camp, I'm going to leave that angel up there and hopefully it can bring luck to others.

The pin I've chose is specific to my granny and I think she'd be pleased that we've decided to do this.

20150407_115614.jpg 20150407_115716.jpg

So - who else brings a good luck charm with them when they need a little extra encouragement?

Is anyone doing the same trek as us and intends to leave a memento on Everest?

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We are going!!!!

So, it's been over 4 months since a massive earthquake devastated Nepal and Everest Base Camp. We've spent that time getting a new puppy (who is as big a challenge as Everest we think!) and trying to get travel insurance. This HAS NOT been easy given that the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office continues to advise against all but essential travel to specific regions in Nepal, one of which is base camp. Our current insurers, Debenhams, have been terrible. They didn't refund our trip at all, not the flights nor the trek due to it being an act of god. They also won't insure us with the current FCO guidance in place.

To be fair to them on the last point, 99% of UK insurers won't insure us and we've searched and searched for a company that will. We've come across two - The British Mountaineering Council and True Travellers - both of which will cover us with the current FCO guidance. The BMC offers a more comprehensive, albeit, more expensive insurance but that's the one we'll probably go for.

To be honest, we've been so convinced we won't get to go, that we haven't quite gotten our heads around it at all. Getting insurance has all come as a bit of a shock and we now have to start mentally preparing for the gruelling task ahead!

Anyhow, as I mentioned before, at least our packing list is done and we have everything bought so at least that but is done. I know the experience in Nepal will be different than it was to be in April. I know the devastation caused and the lasting effects it has had on its peoples. But I also know that we must visit Nepal, tourism must continue and if the country is to have any chance of rebuilding, we must keep our money in their economy. So....we're going!

Anyone else out there going to trek Everest Base Camp in 2015???

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Just want to update this page. From our last post, we've been frantically trying to get flights refunded, get in touch with our tour operator out in Nepal and trying to figure out if we should cancel our trip completely or just re-arrange - will it be safe, will Kathmandu still be in devastation, will we be able to trek this year at all if there are still aftershocks and frankly are we wise!?!? We've also been getting used to the fact that we were back in work after only 1 day off, instead of having an amazing month off trekking in Nepal - boooooooo!

Anyhow, we've decided that we still want to tackle Everest Base Camp and we have rebooked our adventure for the start of October 2015. We've raised all this money for the Alzheimer's Society and we also have our minds set on taking on this challenge so we are going to go for it and hope we still enjoy the experience. We know Kathmandu is in a terrible state, but hopefully if people keep on visiting there and putting their money into the country, they can get back on their feet sooner rather than later!

The good news is we've all our buying, organising and packing lists done, so it's just a matter of bunging it all in our rucksacks and going!

So that's all folks, keep checking in on this blog over the summer months and we will blog a bit more before we go in October!

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Hello friends. If you've been following our blog you'll know we were due to fly out on Tuesday to kathmandu and then onto everest base camp. You will have heard by now there has been a catastrophic earthquake near kathmandu which has killed thousands and pratically levelled the city and many of its ancient monasteries. The earthquake has also caused massive avalanches on mount everest, destroying base camp and killing many climbers with dozens still trapped on the mountain.

We are devastated to hear of the awful news coming out of nepal. We feel just terrible that so many people have lost their lives and others are stuck up there in some really harsh conditions.

There are still massive aftershocks in kathmandu and avalanches at base camp. So for safety we are going to have to postpone our trip. All being well, we'll go again around October time, which is during the next trekking season.

We are obviously very disappointed but it would be crazy to go out there in the near future. The people of nepal will need time to recover from this disaster and rebuild.

It's sadly time to pack all our gear away for a few more months and maybe get the hiking boots broken in a bit more.

Sending thoughts and prayers to those affected.

As the rescue and recovery efforts continue, many charities and NGOs are sending teams, aid and medical assistance. You can donate to a range of organisations to help with the recovery effort. Here is a list of charities.


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Packing list

There are only 8 days until Deryl and I journey off into what we hope will be the trip of a lifetime! This is definitely the most unusual and unnerving trip we've ever done. We don't know what to expect, if we're going to like it or how we'll manage. I would say that I'm 1 part nervous and 2 parts excited and I'd say that's how most people feel.

The planning for this trip started LONG ago. I've been buying up various bits and bobs as I've went along, but there has inevitably been a last minute flurry of purchases like bum bags, water purification tablets and blister plasters! I still need to buy a couple of minor clothing items, but I'll do that sometime this week.

In the meantime, I thought I'd chart exactly what we intend to bring with us, and what we hope to buy out there. I found many many traveller blogs with packing lists, and they've been invaluable to us. So our list is a mixture of all the other lists we found.

This is just some of the stuff I'm bringing!



3 x vest tops (breathable)
3 x t-shirts (2 moisture wicking, 1 regular)
3 x long sleeve tops (again moisture wicking)
3 x hiking trousers - one pair that zip off at the knees, one normal pair of light combats and one fleece lined pair
1 x leggings (compression)
1 x check shirt
2 x fleeces - one light weight and windproof, one heavy and fuzzy and warm
1 x comfy hoody
1 x North Face jacket with built in micro fleece
7 x socks - 4 trekking socks, 1 heat holders, 2 normal
2 x thermal underwear, tops and bottoms
2 x gloves - one pair of ski gloves, one pair of fine running gloves
2 x hats - one baseball cap and one beanie
1 x banadana
1 x neck buff
1 x microfiber towel
Various pants and bras
1 x Karrimor hiking boots (I'm worried they are ever so slightly too small for me on one foot, so I may buy another pair out there)
1 x trainers
1 x crocs flip flops for the shower etc
1 x sunglasses


1 x 65 ltr rucksack + rain cover
1 x 30 ltr day pack
1 x bum bag for camera and phone during the day
1 x 1 ltr water bottle


Travel insurance
4 x passport photos for trekking visa

Toiletries/medical supplies

2 x large baby wipes
1 x face wipes
1 x toothpaste and toothbrush
1 x deodorant
1 x each of shower gel, shampoo and conditioner
1 x SPF lip balm
1 x face cream
1 x sun cream
1 x dry shampoo
Hair bobbles and pins
2 x hand sanitizer
1 x mirror
1 x hair brush
1 x body spray
1 x febreeze (for stinky clothes)
a few zip lock bags
Diamox (for altitude sickness)
Cold remedy
Water purification tablets
Lots of yummy snacks like jelly sweets and chocolate


1 x Fujifilm camera + charger
1 x Samsung S5 and 1 x Samsung S4
2 x portable USB chargers for phones
1 x international sim card
2 x normal plug in chargers
1 x Headlamp
2 x travel plugs
1 x Selfie stick

Now that I've written this all down, it looks like LOADS! I'll have to see what weight this all comes in at and I may leave some out.

When I'm in Kathmandu, I'm hoping to hire a sleeping bag and liner, a down jacket and some walking poles. According to other blogs, the stuff is as cheap as chips out there and although most of it's fake, it's decent enough quality. I might also buy a pair of fake karrimor walking shoes if my boots are proving to be too tight.

So there you have it. It's taken us a long time to reach the stage where we're almost packed. Last week we got our jabs - I got Typhoid and Hep A (I think!) and Deryl got those as well as Polio and Tetanus (I already had these recently).

We'll probably put up one more post just before we leave and then the next time you'll hear from us, will be in Nepal!!!

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